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What Is a Loli?


A Loli is a fictional girl who looks young despite whatever age they are. Loli is used as a term for fictional characters and is rarely used to describe actual people. The term therefore will only be considered useful in a fictional sense as that is it's proper and most common use.

The term "Lolita" refers to an actual pre-pubescent girl or in a descriptive sense as a sort of fashion design.

What determines a Loli?

The Eight Trains - Height

The Five on the right are Lolis.

The Main Factor is height.

The height range for a Loli is anything from 5'1 (155cm - 158cm) and below.

Subjective height range is 5'1 (155cm - 158cm) - 5'3 (160cm - 164cm). (Subjectivity is covered below.)

Lolis are often disputed among people, if a character fits the Loli height range but doesn't look like a Loli in their original series and if people don't consider them Loli at the same time, they will not be included here.

The Second Factor is skin condition.

Lolis must have skin that is not wrinkled in anyway.

This is so that We can rule out Grannies.

Final Factor is body size.

Lolis could theoretically be over-weight to an extent but they can not be super thick.

Lolis are always slender in some way, they can't be super thick but they could be a bit thick.

Are there any other factors?

No, There are not.

Common arguments for which characters are not Loli or are Loli are these:

Age, not a factor.

Breast Size, not a factor.

Personality, not a factor.

Clothing, not a factor.

Puberty, not a factor.

Purity, not a factor.

Are There different types of Lolis?

Yes, There are at least two types of Lolis.

Legal Lolis

True Lolis

What are Legal Lolis?

Legal loli

Legal Lolis are Lolis that are 18 but look like Lolis or are as short as Lolis.

Examples include:

Remilia Scarlet and Flandre Scarlet (Both Vampires)

Hachikuji Mayoi (A Ghost therefore She does not age.)

Shimakaze (A Destroyer, She is technically an entity that doesn't age.)

What are True Lolis?

True Lolis are Lolis that look like Lolis and are under the legal age of 18.

Chino Kafuu

Examples include:

Kobato Hasegawa (Haganai)

Kafuu Chino (Gochiusa)

Illyasviel von Einzbern (Fate/Illya)

Subjective Lolis

Lastly these are not a type of Loli but rather a category of Lolis.

Rem and Ram Anime View

Lolis that people can't decide on and at the same time fall within the height range of a Loli.

Examples include:

Rem and Ram (Re:Zero)

Misaka Mikoto (To Aru Series)

Himawari Furutani (YuruYuri)

Rare Subjective Lolis

Aya Komichi

A Rare Subjective Loli is a recently discovered type of Subjective Loli.

A Loli that has special conditions that keep them in the range of subjectivity.

Examples include:

Kirino Kousaka (Oreimo)

Aya Komichi (Kin-iro/Kinmoza)

What is a Lolicon?

Sena - Lolicon Pervert Face

A Perverted Lolicon

A Lolicon is someone who has a sexual attraction to Lolis.

On this Wiki, Lolicon is not to be equated with Pedophilia.

If any real Child Pornography is posted on this site, You will be punished.

What is the legality of Lolicon within My Region?

Lolicon is legal in most regions.

Most places You can view Lolicon but You cannot own physical copies of Lolicon products such as manga.

It is an incredibly common and often fallacious misconception that Lolicon is illegal everywhere but Japan, The law often counts it as either a "thought crime" which is not punishable by law or as fiction meaning it cannot be seen as illegal or made illegal without being reviewed.

Three Examples where Lolicon is legal:

The United States (Physical Media of Lolicon may be illegal in some states.)

The Unites States cont. (Check Title 18 - Part I - Chapter 110 - Section 2256 of "CRIMES AND CRIMINAL PROCEDURE, Sub-Section (11).) (It states throughout Chapter 110, that depictions of children that are Indistinguishable from real children is illegal, however depictions that are drawings, cartoons, sculptures, and paintings of adults or minors are legal.) (Therefore, it is legal to view online as long as it's not real and or indistinguishable from real. This Wikia advises against viewing and distributing that sort of content.) (Link to the Chapter below.)

Japan (Everything lolicon is legal in Japan.)

China (Same with Japan.)


Bullies are Bad

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Rule 2: No Threats of violence. (If You're clearly joking then You aren't breaking the rules, but what breaks this rule is up to the people who manage this Wikia.)

Rule 3: No Threats of Terror or jokes about Terrorism. (This is a place simply for the discussion of Lolis.)

Rule 4: No Spamming.

Rule 5: No editing the Wikia pages unless You get approval. (You can edit a page then compose a message about the edit.)

Rule 6: No Child Pornography. (If it is posted on this site You will get banned from this Wikia and the post will be deleted.)

Rule 7: No Bullying!

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A Quick Note

This Wikia uses descriptions from other Wikia sites that more talented people have created and managed. Some Loli descriptions will be original but for the most part We copy and pasted then edited or slimmed down some paragraphs for the character appearance and descriptions. Please visit all the respective wikia sites for better/more information on the characters and even better/more information on the series they're from.

The images used for every characters pages are selected on two rules: One, they can't directly be from another Wikia unless it's simply a full body view of the character, and Two, They can't be can't be fan-art of the Loli character if the fan-art shows them off without displaying what makes them a Loli (Basically the Loli must look Loli like: reflecting height, skin condition, and body size correctly.) Additionally because of the subjectivity of some Lolis, the fan-art is more likely to reflect a character as non-loli (This is because even Loli characters that are well know and famous for being cute Lolis are often drawn as non-lolis.)

Within the slideshows on every characters page there is an additional image, mainly for a little laugh or to give even more of a view of the character, either in t
Unlimited Loli Works
he form of a gif or a regular image.

Fan-Art is used and if You want to know where it comes from then simply ask. The people managing this Wikia will try and find a source when they have the time.

Finally, the Female Category was mistakenly made by the Creator of this Wikia, they for some reason named a category female despite Loli's only being capable of being female. If they aren't Female they aren't Loli.

Lastly, Have fun on this site. (Newest Photos below.)







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